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    Figure out half of the hits that Becketts pulls from their boxes provided to them by UD head office when they do their product breaks and you think the 3 hits weren't somehow handed over to this seller..... sorta one of the reason's why I am stepping down.
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    When Exquisite basketball first hit the shelves the same thing happened with the two monster. logo cards. they were MJ Kobe and another one. Guess where they were sold from....Carlsbad. The same conversation occurred then too. Coincidence....?????

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    Every time Becket reviews a product they get that # 1 card on the hot list remember how they always used to get strasburgs and Harpers last year hmmmm.. And now they're on fire pulling Trouts. It just tells you that card companies can put anything in what ever they want.

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    One time I opened 5 basketball packs at once and pulled one Micael Jordon jsy out of Fleer, and I pulled 2 Michael Jordon mj legacy jsy cards Numbered out of 23! UD really failed and the fleer thing was luck and the fact that I pulled 3 Jordons was luck too. This was a year ago, and I still roll my eyes at my luck. 8/

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    This is the nail in the coffin for me, sorry UD, you lost another wax buster/set builder. There might not be concrete evidence but it's enough to keep me from wasting my coin..

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    of course the companies know what cards go where, why do you they think they have serial numbered boxes for if you dont get hits, they ask for the serial num and can see what was missing exactly. so right there that tells you they know what cards go in what boxes and im sure they can easily send those boxes to certain locations or with hold sending a box. not saying they do, but i recall one time about 15 years ago my dad was set up at a hockey tourney and a guy comes by and trades my dad some loose packs for singles my dad was like why would i want to do that? he said what cards were exactly in what pack, and he did claim he worked at a company that produced the cards. unsure of what one. so not going to say it was UD then cause i dont know but that right there tells ya the companies know

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    I have been told that by a guy that knew a box dealer that they know the case hit by the serial number. It's usually when only a few numbers repeat. This is how I could tell my sp legendary cuts box was good, and I pulled a Ted Williams cut.

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    Anyone remember when Beckett got a box of 2007 Exquisite Football from UD and pulled both the Adrian Peterson RAP 1/1 parallel and the Walter Payton/Brian Piccolo 1/1 dual cut auto? Shady business.
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    Anybody ever hear anything more about this?

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