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Thread: donruss champions box break

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    Exclamation donruss champions box break

    heres the goods
    roger clemens gu #101
    tony gwynn gu #47
    tony gwynn gu #46
    al kaline gu bat #411
    roberto novoa autograph #389
    runelvys hernandez gu #209
    john olerud gu #140
    will clark gu #48

    michael berrett 16/100
    marlon byrd 179/250
    gary sheffield
    matt williams
    wily mo pena 64/250
    xavier nady 25/100
    tony perez
    jason veritek
    ken griffy jr.
    nellie fox
    roberto alomar 12/25
    jeff bagwell
    paul molitor
    rickey henderson
    edgardo alfonzo
    cal ripken, jr.
    roger clemens 6/250

    i am selling/or trading...lmk if ur interrested

  2. Kronozio
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    hey braves im not much of a baseball fan, this is the first baseball box that i have ever bought. do u have any basketball or football? if not would u like to buy?

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    Interested in these. Please check my site.

    roger clemens gu #101
    tony gwynn gu #47
    tony gwynn gu #46
    al kaline gu bat #411

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    I like these. Please check my site for FB/BSK stuff.

    roger clemens gu #101
    tony gwynn gu #47
    tony gwynn gu #46
    al kaline gu bat #411

    michael berrett 16/100

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    What team is the Rickey parallel pictured with?? I may be in need of it, but don't have anything other than baseball, so I may have to purchase (depending on team, of course).

    Please let me know & thanks!

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    bruinbball5- i like the vince carter rookies
    theguru- like the dwight howard redemption and the marino gu
    robe- hes in A's uniform
    lmk everyone

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    I can do both Carter RCs (total BV$26) for the Clemens GU jersey BV$15 and the Kaline GU Bat BV$10

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    get in touch with magicdonjuan - hes doing this set

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    bruin are the carter rookie in good shape? are the well centered and will grade well?

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