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    04-05 E-XL Court Authentix Dwyane Wade Jsy/Auto /70 FT

    just got in a wade rc auto so im puttin this out there to see what offers i get for it, throw them at me guys!
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    If you like anything of mine, id love to get it.

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    vikingfan - ididnt see anything i could use

    allstar - ill check your list in a bit

    everyone else c'mon heres your chance to own a wade jsy/auto only numbered to 70! make some offers

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    alot of nice kobes allstar but i already got 2, i do like the 03-04 melo personal endorsements but not for the wade.

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    wroth a try check my list see if you need anything lmk thanks

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    Going to a card show tomorrow

    Give me an Idea of who and what you like and I will pick you up something real nice for an offer.

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    vision - nothin i could uae, thanks tho

    wayne - nothin particular, just a nice high end superstar basketball auto

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