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    I sort of feel that's the whole point of the success rate feature. Typically I only send to people who are relatively good signers. Occasionally, I'm willing to send to an untested address just to try it out. So I'm thankful for people who post untested addresses they might not be too interested in themselves.
    Quote Originally Posted by indyreds View Post
    I have posted plenty of addresses that I have not tested. These addresses others have posted as good on other sites I frequent or that I find online myself. You might for instance be interested in that player and the post is to help you. Some guys collect hockey for instance and I may have 30 total hockey guys in my collection, but running across a hockey HOF member that is not in the database I will add it!
    Unless I'm way off base, he's talking about people reporting successes but not sharing the address. Or, if they share the address, leaving part of it out. I don't think the OP was talking about untested addresses, which I have no problem with.
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    Yes I understood that. I was replying to the post right before mine.

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