I have decided it is time that I give up the basketball collecting, and I am selling everything on ebay tonight. If you guys are interested in any of this make me a resonable offer and it is yours.

This is not the complete sell list however
Andre Emmett #180 04-05 UD BD
Chris Duhon #183 04-05 UD BD
Kevin Martin #172 04-05 UD BD
Tony Allen #171 04-05 UD BD
Pavel Podkolzin #168 04-05 UD BD
David Harrison #175 04-05 UD BD
Jeryl Sasser #122 Topps Xpectations
Channing Frye #133 UD Rookie Debuts
Channing Frye #211 UD
Chris Paul #103 UD Rookie Debuts
Bracey Wright #143 UD Rookie Debuts
Andrew Bogut #101 UD Rookie Debuts
Uros Slokar #145 UD Rookie Debuts
Travis Diener #138 UD Rookie Debuts
Alex Acker #122 UD Rookie Debuts
Danny Granger #124 UD Rookie Debuts
Justin Reed UD Hardcourt 519/1999
Chris Duhon 05 Topps Total
Dorell Wright Topps Total
Andre Iguodala Topps Total
Ike Diogu Rookie Scrapbook
Gerald Green Rookie Scrapbook
C.J. Miles Rookie Scrapbook
Dwight Howard UD Rookie Debuts #66
Jason Collins UD Hardcourt Star Rookie
Desagana Diop Stadium Club
05-06 UD hardcourt Lawrence Robers #120 serial #/1750
Chris Thomas 2005 Press Pass Old School
Wayne Simien 05 Press Pass Blue B28
Will Bynum 05 Press Pass

Daniel Ewing UD Star Rookie

Andrew Bynum Rookie Scrapbook

Wayne Simien Rookie Scrapbook

Andrew Bogut Rookie Scrapbook

Jarrett Jack Rookie Scrapbook

Monta Ellis Rookie Scrapbook

David Lee Rookie Scrapbook

Andrew Bynum Star Rookie

Hakim Warrick Rookie Scrapbook

Daniel Ewing Rookie Scrapbook

Ellis Myles 05 Press Pass

Jason Terry 01-02 Stadium Club Lone Star Sigs
Carlos Boozer 04-05 UD BD Gemography
Romain Sato 04-05 UD BD Gemography

Chris Webber 1993 Classic Draft Picks LP #DS40
Lebron James 04 Topps Total Package TP3
Tracy McGrady 05 UD BD Diamond Cut Red DC5
Yao Ming 05 UD BD Diamond Cut Red DC20
Kevin Garnett 05 UD BD Diamond Cut DC6
Mike Miller 01-02 UD Higher Ground

Serial Numbered Base Cards
Marko Jaric 04-05 UD BD 22/100
Desmond Mason 04-05 UD BD 008/100
Udonis Haslem UD Exclusives /50

Game Used
Elton Brand Black Diamond Jersey BDJ-EB
Chauncey Billups Black Diamond BDJ-CB
Baron Davis 05-06 UD Rookie Debuts Dt-Bd

Luke Jackson UD Game Jerseys

Other Cards
Michael Jordan 1989 Collegiate Collection North Carolina's Finest #17
Michael Jordan 05-06 UD #23
Larry Bird 04-05 UD BD #148