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    It is with a heavy heart that I make this available - Signed Uncut Sheet of Enshrined

    Back in the 2011 spring Expo, I stuck around long enough for the ITG land's draw at the end of the day. It was an awesome day. We pulled a dual MTO for the group break (30ranfordfan got it) and I pulled lots of great stuff for my own PC. Picked up a ton or cards on my wantlist and even some prizes for the site. To top it all off, I was lucky enough to win this.

    An uncut sheet of 10/11 ITG Enshrined (from Ace Bailey to Harry Lumley) personally signed by Dr. Brian Price, owner of ITG and Paul Madden, the artist for each one of those great pictures.

    I've kept it for one and a half years and with lack of a proper place to display it, I've recently had to relegate it to the basement (horrors). Its better to go to someone who can appreciate it. Its sagged somewhat under the weight of the card stock and there are some undulations on one side, but nothing that a nice cardboard backing wouldn't fix.

    I've placed it in a frame (albeit a crummy one). As it is, its unshippable. If you are interested, I can roll it loosely and ship in a tube, or we can meet up at the Expo if you are going to be there. For in person meets, I can throw in the frame, free of charge. I can meet in Toronto, Ottawa, closeby to either of those places or anywhere in between.

    Hopefully someone can give this a good home. If you want to talk, drop me a line. More photos in here:


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    I am very interested

    I have a big empty wall to hang

    let me know what you need

    Thanks Gary

    I live in Mississauga so we could meet up

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