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    Misc. Football for CC w/Serial Numbered Cards

    Going to start adding misc. cards daily to slowly get rid of what I have laying around in boxes. They will be listed in no specific years or makes. Check back often as it will be updated often with a wide range of years and players. Let me know what your interested in and I will send an offer. Shipping will be accounted for exact cost to me so let me know what zip code I'd be sending to in your message, and I will send you a figure. Also, let me know if looking for any specific players or teams.

    PWE Shipping= 150cc Bubble Mailer= exact cost according to destination

    06 Fleer Peyton Manning The Franchise #TF-PM 600cc
    06 Topps Total Peyton Manning Total Topps #TT1 450cc
    06 Upper Deck Rookie Edition Peyton Manning Photo Shoot Flashback #PSF-PM 300cc
    08 Topps Peyton Manning Stars of the Game #SG-PM 600cc
    08 Upper Deck Peyton Manning Starquest #SQ25 600cc

    91 Upper Deck Brett Favre RC #13 1,200cc
    96 Summit Eddie George RC Silver Foil #162 400cc
    96 Ultra Keyshawn Johnson RC #172 300cc
    94 Ultra Marshall Faulk RC #408 300cc
    06 Score A.J. Hawk RC #373 300cc
    89 Pro Set Deion Sanders RC #486 300cc
    00 Fleer E-X Randy Moss E-Xceptional Red #10 450cc
    04 Topps Anquan Boldin Own the Game #22 300cc
    00 Leaf Limited Tyrone Wheatley #141 numbered 491/3000 150cc
    99 Collector's Edge Masters Tyrone Wheatley Holosilver#137 num 3272/3500 150cc
    05 Leaf Certified Materials Daunte Culpepper Gold Team#10 numbered 679/750 200cc
    04 Bowman Chrome Brad Johnson Xfractor #79 numbered 230/250 150cc
    07 Leaf Rookies & Stars Joey Galloway Crusade Red #3 numbered 144/1000 200cc
    07 Donruss Threads Bronze Holofoil Tatum Bell #147 numbered 201/250 300cc

    08 Score Select Steve Smith The Franchise #18 numbered 888/999 150cc
    08 UD Icons Devin Thomas Rookie Brilliance Silver #7 numbered 381/799 300cc
    08 Topps Triple Threads Justin Fargas #42 numbered 449/779 150cc
    08 Triple Threads LenDale White #41 numbered 542/779 150cc
    98 Upper Deck Antowain Smith Constant Threat #23 numbered 143/1000 150cc
    08 Press Pass Michigan Teammates Mario Manningham/Chad Henne 150cc
    06 Topps Anquan Boldin Own the Game #17 300cc
    01 Playoff Honors Brett Favre #76 200cc
    09 Bowman Brett Favre #7 150cc
    07 Score Shawne Merriman Atomic #284 150cc
    07 Score LaRon Landry RC Atomic #342 150cc
    92 Upper Deck Pro Bowl Thurman Thomas/Barry Sanders #5 600cc
    92 Upper Deck Pro Bowl Anthony Munoz/Jim Lachey #3 150cc
    01 Titanium Postseason Arnold Jackson RC #1 numbered 242/795 300cc
    97 UD3 Michael Irvin Eye of a Champion #50 150cc
    98 Playoff Momentum Chris Carter #35 100cc
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    Looking for Reds, Buckeyes, and MMA

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    How much for these 2 delivered to 37874? PWE would be fine.

    91 Upper Deck Brett Favre RC #13
    94 Ultra Marshall Faulk RC #408
    Football: Peyton Manning, HOFers, and star QBs.
    Baseball: Aaron, Clemente, Mantle, Maris, Mays, Rose (60s, 70s, and 80s only), Ryan (60s and 70s only) and Vintage HOFers (mainly pre-1970).

    I'm working on a 1958 Topps baseball set, so any help there would be greatly appreciated.

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    pricing added
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    Looking for Reds, Buckeyes, and MMA

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    More added with plenty more to go. I just acquired another card collection that will take some time to sort so let me know what type of cards your looking for and I can help you since it's going to be hard to add it all to the site. Feel free to make offers on groups of cards as well.
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    Looking for Reds, Buckeyes, and MMA

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