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    Last time I'm posting this before it hits my PC

    Mike Singletary 2005 Leaf Certified FOTG Auto/Jsy #/50. Bv on it is $40. If I don't get a nice offer for it, I think I'm just gonna PC it. Want to do a 1 for 1 deal on it. LMK if interested.

    Singletary FOTG

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    ya know what Ill give ya for it Eric...
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    I don't have much for Steelers in the $40 range, but you can check my site.

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    Ed-I think I'm gonna pass on the Largent for now. LMK if we can work anything out for the Greene though. lol

    Craigerman-I like the MCNabb Auto and the Lee Evans Topps Signature Auto.

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    new - McNabb books $50, so you'd need to add something. Evans books $25, so I'd need to add something. LMK what you want to do.

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    Craigerman-Do you have AIM or YIM so we can talk. If not, just PM me and we can talk through it. Is there anything else on my site that you like?

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    I think you know my list by heart now and i'm still intrested...

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