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    Need some paypal...Auto's, GU's, RC's with sell prices

    2004 Spx Super Scripts Rookie Ivan Ochoa Auto---------$4
    2004 Spx Chris Saenz Spxciting Rookies Auto/Jsy #58/799----------$5
    2005 Leaf Prospect Chris Shelton Auto-------------------------$7
    2005 Past Time Pennants Pedro Guerrero Auto----------------$4
    2005 Donruss Renyel Pinto The Rookies Auto---------------$3
    2005 Ivan Ochoa The Rookies Auto--------------------$3
    2005 Leaf Certified Materials Danny Rueckel New Generations Auto #310/499---------$4
    2005 UD Classics Darryl Strawberry Post Season Performers Auto------not sure of bv, so make offer
    2004 UD MLB Legends Al Kaline Legendary Sigs 1968 Redemption-----not sure of bv, so make offer
    2004 UD MLB Legends Dave Concepcion Legendary Sigs 1976 Redemption-----not sure of bv, so make offer
    1997 Best James Bonnici Auto----$1

    2005 UD Classics Mike Schmidt Post Season Performers Bat -----------$3
    2005 Authentix Kaz Matsui Patch Authentix 4 Clr Patch #52/75---------$4
    2005 Authentix Johan Santana Jsy Authentix----------------------$2
    2003 Flair Barry Zito Diamond Cuts Jsy----------------$2
    2003 Flair Pat Burrell Diamond Cuts Jsy--------------$1
    2003 Flair Kazuhiro Sasaki Sweet Swatch Jsy #/150-----Jumbo Card-----$4
    2003 Flair Mark Prior Sweet Swatch Jsy #734/1195-----Jumbo Card------$4
    2005 Fleer Platinum Bobby Abreu Lumberjacks Bat #49/200----$2
    2005 Fleer Platinum Jim Thome Lumberjacks Bat ---------------$2
    2005 Playoff Prestige Ivan Rodríguez/Todd Helton Dual Bat League Leaders #215/250----------------$5

    2003 Daniel Cabrera Flair Future Fame RC #18/25----------$8
    2003 John Webb Flair Future Fame RC #132/500--------$1
    2003 Michael Hessman Flair Future Fame RC #287/500------$1
    2004 Spx Spxciting Rookies Rusty Tucker #2/499---------$1
    2004 Spx Spxciting Rookies Lincoln Holozkon #835/1599--------$1

    All vintage cards are G-VG shape------make offer on these three
    78 Topps Parrish/Murphy RC
    72 Topps Baylor/Harrison/Oates RC

    2005 Leaf Certified Materials Ivan Rodriguez Gold Mirror Parallel #6/25-----$1
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    2005 Donruss Studio Bucky Jacobsen Private Signings Auto #1/10------$6
    2005 Leaf Certified Materials Mark Grace Fabric of the Game Jsy #1/50----$4

    I want these. PM me with a DLVD price and Paypal address as well as a trade link if you want to deal.



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    2005 UD Classics Mike Schmidt Post Season Performers Bat--$3

    I want this card. Please PM me on where to send Paypal. TY

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    Tadano auto, Santana jersey, and any of the GU that you would like to move for $1 (obviously I'll take the Burrell.) How much? Thanks!

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    Garmart---$10 delivered for the two. I will pm you my paypal address.

    Cardsandbeanies---it is yours. Paypal info will be pm'ed

    syno---The Kaline is a redemption and not redeemed yet. It is just the unscratched UD Code card

    Birdsonthebat---I can do the Tadano, Santana, Burrell, Zito, and Thome for $10 delivered. PM me if you want them

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    2005 Leaf Certified Materials Vlad Guerrero Red Mirror Jsy #34/250-------$4

    2005 Leaf Certified Materials Sammy Sosa Gold Team Jsy (white w/blue stripe) #141/250----------$3

    im interest in these 2 also.

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    scottyups---I am pretty sure it is the Dodgers

    Carol---I will add those on to the others

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