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    Quote Originally Posted by gatorboymike View Post
    A delay is better than a wrong call.
    Yes your right, but what if they want to review ten calls in a game that could be a long time. I have played sports all my lfe and refs miss calls. You move on to the next play and try to win the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgb_orl View Post
    Offensive fouls imo are the #1 game changing call. Fining players won't last long because players will then complain to the players association. Besides, the outcome of the game is in the books and THAT's where your integrity lies. Have these refs grow some to blow the whistle (or don't) when the RULES apply. That is their job. The reason they want to address this after the game is that it's their biggest stars that's doing it.

    Some kid can youtube the video between timeouts. Don't tell me you can't determine an obvious flop via replay instead of dancing with the mascot.

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