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    4, 6 and 24 please

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    buying/trading for Andrew Luck topps chrome rc's. pm me if you have any available

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    I would like 5, 7, 8, & 9
    MLB - Angels: Mike Trout (All Cards); Wally Joyner (All Cards), and other Angels Autos & Game-Used
    NFL - Broncos: Autos, Game-Used, and RCs
    NHL - Penguins and Enforcer autos
    UFC - Autos and Memorabilia

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    13,18,26 please
    Looking for R.Kerrigan/ B.Orakpo/ C.Cooley/ C.Portis/ C.Bailey/ D.Green/ and ... A lot of others.
    --- Attention please! --- I'm live in Japan.
    Sorry about I may be sometimes late to your PM/Email. Thank you
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    I'll take slot 16 please.
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    I collect Darren Sproles, Daniel Thomas, T. Newman, other KStaters, Eric Hosmer and KC Royals, KC Chiefs and Jimmy Graham. Please PM with any questions.

    Thanks, James

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    I want three spots. Doesn't matter what number. Whatever is left.


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    Looks like time to open another one, i think only 2 spots left

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    I will take 2 slots please!!
    Collecting Josh Hamilton, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo(Autos, Jerseys, RCs), Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and whatever I am into at the moment (Changes Daily Hidden Content )

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    Thanks everyone! Trade proposals coming to those of you who just requested spots. Still getting free internet from the McDonalds as we wait for AT&T to repair the line. I called another company to come out and hook us up with internet but they said it can't happen til that line is repaired. I hate AT&T.
    Collecting Green Bay Packers and University of Michigan Wolverines GU and Autographs!
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