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Thread: New Sheamus 1/1 card

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    Wink New Sheamus 1/1 card

    New Sheamus 1/1

    This arrived for me today, my first 1/1 card of Sheamus, Magenta First Class Champions, a bargain at $26! I was interested to note how the edges are rounded it's metal on the back! Also, the Topps logo and First Class Champions title with those two arrows either side are nearly impossible to see! Great card though! A large set with several Sheamus cards also arrived, though I only needed four of them (Backstage Brawl card, blue /199 Platinum performance card, Legendary Superstars card and some Topps Town card. I originally didn't want it because the image is identical to the Slam Attax Mayhem champion card, but the colour and its shine plus the little description on the back made me change my mind). I'm not listing the spares because I sent one of them to a friend because of a favour he did, the others are for another friend.

    Printing Plate card.jpg

    I took the pic with my 3DS XL, so I apologize for it not being very good. All I have to take pics at the moment. If you wanna see any of my other Sheamus cards, please ask and I'll take pics, I have a really cool two coloured /99 Platinum Swatch card!

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    Very nice pick up.
    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Thanks, very anxious about this arriving, took ages. First printing plate I bought (yellow Electrifying Entrances one) never arrived after a month, opened a case with Ebay and won it within seven hours.

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