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    WWE Topps 2010 Hobby Box

    I ordered a few different boxes of cards in two seprate orders. I received the first one that includes the WWE Topps 2010 Hobby Box below, 2012 Topps Finest Baseball, and The Big Bang Theory Seasons 1 &2 box which I will open over the course of the day.

    WWE Topps 2010 Hobby Box: (Very pleased with only purchasing 1 box.)

    CM Punk/Serena Dual Silver Autograph /99 (Slight ding in corner but not really noticeable.)

    Printing Plate:
    Alicia Fox "Magenta"

    Evan Bourne

    Gold Parallel:
    Shad 01/50
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    pretty solid box, nice hits!
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    Quote Originally Posted by palantri View Post
    pretty solid box, nice hits!
    Thanks, I have another box coming in Wednesday so hopefully that one has some nice hits in it as well.
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    if you get any gold autos let me know plz

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    Love the CM Punk dual autograph.

    -Robert Lewis

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    nice break, love the Punk dual.

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    Another Awesome WWE Topps 2010 Hobby Box

    I opened another WWE Topps 2010 Hobby Box today and here are the results.

    Kofi Kingston Multi-Color Jumbo Superstar Swatch 21/30 (Will be for sale)

    Ted Dibiase Autograph (NFT or NFS)

    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    very nice box congrats
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    Wow nice job! Great Kofi!

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