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    Official LOUI ERIKSSON Wantlist. *Dominion Added

    Here are my official wantlists in order of current priority! Couldn't fit all the names in the title so before you scroll here is a brief run down of what I'm looking for:

    Loui Eriksson
    Gabriel Landeskog RC's
    08-09 Mikkel Boedker
    Jeff Skinner RC's

    Also, before you look any further, I'll save you the time and link my Bucket here: If you don't have any of my wants but I have a card you need, do not hesitate to PM and we'll try and work something out.

    Please note, I am NOT looking for doubles on any of the cards, if it is not listed on my wantlist and it is not a 1/1/Unique card, I am not interested. Though 1/1's are not on my wantlist of Loui, I am interested in acquiring as many as possible.

    Loui Eriksson:

    I am looking for ALL 1/1's. Also for any nameplates/lettermarks I am looking to spell his full name.

    O'Pee Chee Retro Blank Back
    Score Black
    Certified Mirror Red /199
    Certified Mirror Gold /25
    Certified Mirror Emerald /5
    Certified Fabric of the Game Mirror Hot Box /75
    Certified Fabric of the Game Mirror Emerald Patch /5
    Certified Fabric of the Game Blue Auto Jersey /50
    Certified Face Off Dual Sticks w/ Joe Sakic /20
    UD Series 1 Game Patch /15

    Score Auto /10
    Totally Certified Purple /10
    Donruss Elite Materials Patch/Auto /5
    Panini Prime Genuine Marks Auto /8
    Panini Prime Namesake Auto /75 'O'
    Dominion Brand Logo /5
    Dominion Crazy Eights Booklet #26 Prime /10
    Dominion Crazy Eights Booklet #26 Patch /5
    Dominion Quad Jersey #34 Prime (Byng) /5
    Dominion Tag Team w/ Morrow /3

    Victory Black
    Score French Back

    Champs Mini Blue Back
    Champs Mini Parkhurst Back

    Champs Mini Red Back

    Gabriel Landeskog

    Panini Pinnacle Rookie Auto
    Luxury Suite Rookie Jersey Auto /99
    Anthology Rookie Treasures Jersey Auto /99
    UD Ultimate Rookie Auto /99

    Mikkel Boedker

    O'Pee Chee Metal X
    O'Pee Chee Signatures
    O'Pee Chee Retro Blank Back
    UD Young Guns HG Glossy /10
    SP Game Used Red /25
    UD Powerplay
    Collectors Choice RC
    Collectors Choice Gold Reserve
    UD Ultimate Rookies Patch/Auto /25
    UD Ultimate Debut Threads Patch/Auto /10
    SPX Spectrum Patch/Auto /25
    UD Ice Premieres Patch/Auto /10
    Be A Player Player's Club /10
    The Cup Scripted Swatches Dual w/ Turris /5
    The Cup Foundations Quad Patches /10
    The Cup Foundations Quad Patches Auto /5

    Jeff Skinner:

    UD Artifacts RC /999
    Panini Certified Freshmen Fabrics /499
    Panini Score SP Rookie
    Panini Crown Royale Silhouette /99
    UD SP Game Used Rookie /99
    UD SPX Jersey Auto /499
    UD Ice Premieres /99
    Panini Luxury Suite Jersey Auto RC /199
    Panini Zenith Rookie Auto /199
    Panini National Treasures Auto /99
    Panini Dominion Patch Auto /99
    UD The Cup Patch Auto /99

    Thanks for making it this far and I look forward to swinging many deals!
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