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Thread: Question regarding donations.

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    Question regarding donations.

    I noticed on the TTM database that there are some athletes that require donations, and some of you report your success with comments like $5.00 donation my question is, for those of you who donate, do you folks use checks, money orders! or just slip in a $5.00/10.00 etc note? I would rather just donate with cash since its one less thing to line up for at the post office and I just hate writing checks but is slipping cash in an envelope frowned upon?

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    I send cash unless otherwise noted.
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    I have also sent cash and it's worked every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombieTom View Post
    I send loose change.
    Lmao smart @##!!! Thnx, I appreciate the feedback everyone, this TTM thing is starting to get a little addictive, already sent 4 out and probably have another 4-5 out by next week.

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    I have sent cash for player fees, but have sent checks if the donations are for foundations
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    I send checks...that way if the request gets lost or something of that nature, I'm not out anything.
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    Cash works for me larger amounts check to there foundation

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    If you're a stickler for tracking your requests, generally a cashed check indicates your item has been received and is on its way back (although there are times when checks are cashed and items not returned).
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    I don't like to write a lot of checks and I never paid for an auto ttm but if I did I would use a postal money order.
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