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Thread: 1975 Topps MINI Cards

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    1975 Topps MINI Cards

    Hey guys,

    Today I am looking for offers on this lot of 1975 Topps Mini Cards. I would like to sell these as a lot but I guess I could split them up. i also have some other vintage that I am looking to sell. Here it is.

    1975 Topps Baseball

    50,530,580,450,180,75,20,220,185,350,4 x2,415,640,320,124,189 x3,622,630,100,29,625,61,371,344,17 x2,156,530,74,140,660,230

    1975 Topps Football

    Thanks for looking,

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    I can use all of the 1975 football,please lmk how much, or what you are looking to trade for them.My trade page is under construction,so pleaseask for what you dont see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthpacker6 View Post
    still available at all?

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