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    Something to think about.. Our cards a ticking gold mine?

    Well think about it.. Bobby orrs rookie sells for a crazy amount of money and it was printed on low quality cardboard back in ye day and is almost always damaged. Now I'm not tying to say anybody will ever top bobby Orr he was turkey incredible but rookies cards today from ultimate, SPA , the cup.. Etc sell for 100+ genuine players. Orr must of been sol in a pack probably worth 25 c or so.

    When current stars like Landeskog, hall, eberle, segueing reach the HOF as they should will there rookies be worth crazy amounts of money due to the hick brass.. The patchs the numberint, auto... Orr was just cardboard a cup RPA could be worth crazy amounts. An ovechkin rookie from the cup can hit what.. 3-5 grand ? Maybe even more? At the end of his career could that be worth 100k plus?

    Or will all the cards be the same and not unique in a sense that all rookies are patchs and autos and the value won't be increasingly huge? Because I'd the wide variety of them? Or will it be worth holding on to top rookies and cashing them in for a new car or somethin similar...

    How much will these be worth at the end? The cards are always evolving and we havnt been able to see the value on a long run of these cards yet because there fairly new to the industry .


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    Card companies are doing more harm to the rookie card market than good. There is absolutely no need to produce up to 150 rookie year cards of a player but that's what we're seeing nowadays. I see the majority of modern RCs as a short-term way for card companies to sell products and collectors to make a quick buck while they're hot. The days of the definitive, one-of-a-kind rookie card are long gone and I can't see how 95% of todays overproduced RCs can hold any significant value in 20-30 years time.

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    At the same time the rpas don't hVe any long term views on them so it is hard to say what they will and won't do. A rookie car is a rookie card. And I think that the nicer they are more sale value potentially looking back on these players fine cards. Dominion and cup particularly whether or not they were reproduced they have that value. I dO agree they need to prove themselves and not just be potential players they need to earn that respect.

    Rookie cards are already increasing in value.

    But I do think they need to release a vintage product with few rookies and simple base cards would be a very hot product if not over produced.

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    I think it's a definite - maybe.

    There's a lot of different forces that factor into the equation. Orr RCs are astronomical because of straight supply and demand. Gretzky RCs are the same way, to a certain degree. Today, the market factors are different, but the same principles apply. Instead of having 1 or 2 options, there are low-end, mid-end, and high-end options often with multiple offerings at each level. But supply and demand still rule the equation. We all complain about the supply today...

    The question is... will the demand eventually get there? And it's hard to say. It depends heavily on the next generation or two of collectors and what happens to our collections when we we are finished with them. I kind of think of it this way... in 20, 30, or 40 years, will more or less people want a Crosby (or whoever) RC than today? If the answer is yes, then values will go up.

    [The next question is... who among us will still be collecting in another 20-30 years to 'reap' the rewards?]

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    Keep locking our sport out and the answer is simple.

    Regarding rookies and values, don't get me started on how the card companies mass produce players who have done NOTHING to date. Ie: Islanders Calvin De Haan, really ? Still not NHL ready, and good luck ever being a top 4 DMan.

    So let's talk rookies and look at the last 10 Calder winners. Have their values greatly increased or any increase, or is the argument more of a decrease. And this is just the Calder winner, imagine the rest of the class. Finding value is like buying lottery tickets, maybe that's a better discussion for return over 20-30 years.

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    Interesting Chart above.

    Heatley cards are in the tank to stay. They will never recover. They have seen an 80% drop or more.

    Barrett Jackman was never a consideration for anything. Playing in Stl. is like being invisible. Never any hobby love.

    Raycroft done and done. Tie Domi 10 cent Leaf and Premier cards from the mid-90's are worth more

    Ovechkin's cards have dropped off a good 25-30%

    Malkin keeps on plugging away. Many of his cards are on a Roller-Coaster, but he is staying relatively popular.

    Kane's cards have fallen off more than Ovechkin's as few like his attitude. He won't amount to anything 50 years from now.

    Mason like Raycroft, done and done

    Tyler Myers cards were as hot as pancakes over a year ago, now they have cooled like uneaten scrambled eggs. Small market syndrome

    Jeff Skinner - Cards have cooled off so that many attractive auctions aren't getting a look. Typical Canes syndrome. Fans and collectors only care about Canes cards for the time it takes them to cool off to less than half their value.

    Landeskog is one of the flavour's of the week/month, but expect that to cool off after a few seasons under his belt. He is also playing in a place where people live in caves.

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    I do likw the list and it is very interestingand centrehice is on the mark on every single one. I think we should do a list of the top rookie for every year. those are the ones who have the best chance to become something great.

    01-02 kovalchuk
    02-03 Nash
    03-04 Fleury
    05-06 Crosby, Ovechkin
    06-07 Malkin
    07-08 Toews
    08-09 Stamkos
    09-10 Tavares
    10-11 Hall
    11-12 Hopkins
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    When i was 12 people where paying 100$ for the Federov and Jagr O-Pee-chee Premier rookies, how much are these going for today.Same thing will hapen with these guys wheter there HOF material or not when they lace em up.
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    I'd say they are closer to ticking time bombs than to ticking gold mines. They might blow up and be worth very little, but they're extremely unlikely to see some sudden increase in value.

    There's just no reason for even the best of today's cards to take off. We all know almost exactly how many cards of each player exists, and the market value for most are set shortly after release. You may get a good deal on an undervalued player, but there are just so many cards of everyone that scarcity isn't going to be much of a problem going forward. Sure, there are only 99 Crosby Cup rookies, but there are many other options - his SPA, SPX, etc. The same can't be said of the older rookies.

    If you're investing in today's cards, it's hopefully short-term.

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    Here are the strongest 5 Players Sales, in the Low End Hockey Card Category:

    1. Bobby Orr - everything, and I mean everything sells. I have sold over 300 Bobby Orr cards of less than $20.00 value, in 2 auctions or less.

    2. Eddie Shack - does not matter what it is, it sells.

    3. Felix Potvin - even his Kings stuff is starting to sell. Another player where even 25 cent inserts sell like Hotcakes.

    4. Mark Recchi - Probably the most well-liked Meat and Potatoes player to ever play. His low enders sell unreal, and fast.

    5. Trevor Linden - heaps of hobby love. His low-ball inserts and cheap Rookie cards move immediately every day. His Parallels sell better than Gordie Howes.

    You can also slot in Ken Dryden, anywhere after Orr. So few of his cards in immaculate condition, and nothing much since his retirement have kept him uber-strong.
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