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Thread: 1990 ProSet Cincinnati cards

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    1990 ProSet Cincinnati cards

    Curious to know what the difference between the 1990 ProSet base card and the Cincinnati cards? Does anyone have a scan of one they can post?

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    The set is called FACT Pro Set Cincinnati and the only difference that I know of is on the back the cards have some factoid listed on it rather then the players stats. Go to COMC and you can see for yourself. Here's a link to them.

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    The Troy Aikman card from this set is perhaps the card I searched for more than any other card in my collection. They were supposedly given out to school kids in Cincinnati. If you would like I will scan in my card. It only cost me $80 but it's the card that when I finally got it I felt like I had really accomplished something.

    I had looked everywhere for it before I finally just started calling random card shops in Cincinnati and although none of them had one, one of the shops said if I wanted them to they would keep an eye out and try to find one for me. A couple months later they called and I paid for it on the spot. I was so excited when it came in.

    It looks exactly like the regular card on the fronts which some facts/stats on the back.

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