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    2009 UD Spokesmen 8 way jsy FT/FS! Tiger, Gretzky, Jordan, Lebron, Mr Hockey etc!

    Got this amazing card up for trade/sale. Not necessarily a hockey card but I am mainly looking for hockey (or cash) in return.
    Card features Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan Derek Jeter, Lebron Jame, Gordie Howe, Ken Griffey Jr and Kobe Bryant. Numbered 10/10 and card # 8BEST in the set. There is only one 8 way card in this whole set.

    Note that the card has some minor damage on the Tiger side. Small creases by the tiger and Jeter memorabilia windows. I have looked at many other cards in the set and 90% seem to have the same problem, and they arn't even two sided. I think it was a design flaw since this card (in my opinion) is waaay to thin for a double sided memorabilia card. And there is soo much going on on both side. Nonetheless, still an amazing card and a real jaw dropper to whoever sees it.

    NPDTS. BV and SV are both 100+

    09 UD ballpark 8best 8 way mem /10

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    I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't interested.

    What would you need for it?


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    I'm also quite interested. Please Pm me a price or check my bucket for high end traders.



    My bucket:

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    hi there

    lmk if u can use anything from my bucket?

    thanks johnnaseri

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    Just thought I would let everyone know...

    This card has officially been sold for 800 before. There is one on ebay with a BIN for 1550. I have seen some of the 6 ways and even quads and triples in this set go for a lot of money. I have never seen a card like this before. I am not asking as much as the last one sold. But I am not going to sell it for $75 either.

    If you have a serious cash offer or trade offer please PM me. Sorry I wasn't more clear on the price from the start.

    Thanks in advance

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    how much? please pm me and let me know more specifically what you want for trade. thanks

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