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    Jersey Coast Collectibles Vacation Schedule

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on our vacation schedule.

    We will be on vacation from 10/12/2012 - 10/28/2012. Our last shipping day will be 10/11/2012, so any orders placed after that date will not be processed until our return.

    If you need anything, please order them as soon as possible so as I dont get swamped the day before I leave.

    Booklet holders are now in stock!!! They are going fast...


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    We have just returned from vacation! Unfortunately there might be a delay in shipment of any orders due to the fact that Hurricane Sandy is approaching and due to hit us late sunday, and remain on top of us till tuesday.

    We all have our eyes glued to the weather channel and hoping and praying that it does not stay on the track that they are predicting. If it does stay on the current track, we are in a world of ****! No exaggeration on this monster. Last year we were worried about Hurricane Irene which just about fizzled out, but this current one is three times the size, and packing a heck of a punch.

    I remember going through one of these back in 1962. This one is so similar in size and the track is just about the same, and the devastation from the March '62 storm is indescribable!

    Lets all hope and pray that we are spared the brunt of this monster, and hopefully we will be spared any major damage.


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