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Thread: Rams 2012 Season Thread!

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    Rams 2012 Season Thread!

    I am not sure if the Rams have a thread so please delete this if there is. This is the first season in almost the last 10 that I believe there is some legitimate optimism in the air and Coach Fisher is the primary reason. I have seen most of all 4 of the games this season so far and the Rams could be 3-1 and they were in all the games except for the game against the Bears which was a total dud.

    What impresses me the most about this team is their special teams. I believe Fisher brought in his own guy and with Zuerline kicking field goals from all over the place and setting franchise records, this part of the team has been the biggest surprise so far.

    The offence has shown more consistency than it has over the past couple of years and the short passing game has actually been working and this was shown when Amendola caught 15 passes against the Redskins. They still don't air the ball out as much as I wish they would, but at least the offence hasn't sucked like it did last year.

    Jackson has been playing injured all year, but he will without a shadow of a doubt rush for 1000 yards again. I wish he would play a bigger role in the passing game as well b/c he can most definitely catch the ball out of the backfiled as a testament to that one year he had over 90 catches. Why he has been taken away from the passing game over the past few years is actually one of my biggest question marks about the team.

    The rookies on offence haven't looked out of place and they are being eased in. Givens has made a couple of big plays and Quick and Pead have showed up here and there. Richardson has been a pleasant surprise and should provide to be a decent back up throughout the year.

    Now the defence. The biggest surprise here has been Janoris Jenkins who reminds me of Todd Lyght from back in the superbowl days. A good cover guy and a big hitter who comes up with big plays. Finnegan has also shown his big play ability and he already has 3 picks and 1 for a td. The staples remain with Long and Laurenaitis and there is no doubt that they will put up big numbers as well as long as they stay healthy.

    One guy to watch is Robert Quinn who has all the talent and a nice story on his way to the NFL. Dunbar has also shown a lot of speed and I believe leads the team in tackles.

    So, at 2-2 the Rams may have already equalled the number of wins that some of you thought they would have, but I believe barring injury this can be an 8-8 team. The NFC West no longer seems to be the worst division in the league with the 9ers and the Cards being 4-0, but the Rams should no longer be the laughing stock of this division and the arrow is definitely pointing up for the next couple of years.

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    Well damn, very impressive win for the Rams but they lose Amendola for the second year in a row with what looks like a season ending injury. I am not sure if the Ram's d line is that good or the cards o line is that bad, but they absolutely dominated this game and shut down the cards offence. Sure, Fitz caught a few passes, but he's an all pro and he will get some against anyone.

    I heard during the broadcast that Jackson will be a free agent in the offseason and it will be sad to see him go, but it does look like the rams are going in a different direction with pead and richardson locked up for the next couple of years and richardson looking pretty good so far. givens has proven to a big play guy at least in spurts and the only poor performer in today's game was sammy b, but that is more attributed to the cards defence than anything else. all in all a very impressive win and 3-0 at home to boot. WOO!

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    Great effort by the Rams' defense last night. The offense still needs work. Bradford is needs to get more protection, as well as make better decisions w/ the ball.

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    I tuned in to the game late and was shocked. I am unsure if the Cards Oline is that bad or the Rams Dline is that good. Kolb could barely complete a 5 step drop without being pressured, sacked or hit as he threw.

    Sjack was running hard! Not looking like he is aging or slowing down at all IMO.

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    I think the rams ol actually did a pretty good job protecting the ball last night, but when the team lost amendola Bradford lost his favorring target and made a couple of questionable descisions with the ball for sure. He needs to spread the ball around b/c guys like Gibson have been known to be able to make big plays and be dependable wrs.

    sjax is an absolute monster. he has been injured in some way or another pretty much every year and he continues to put up very good numbers. i hope the rams keep him personally since he has been so loyal to the team and if anyone deserves an extension and to be a lifer in the nfl it's him.

    quinn really impresses me as well. for chris long to say how good he is and that he's going to make him a run stopper is pretty high praise, since long in his own right is an all pro talent.

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    If the Rams decide to let SJack go it wouldn't bother me any at all for him to come finish his career in Pittsburgh. Of course the Steelers would never spend the money to bring in a big name free agent so it is just a pipe dream, but it sure would be nice to have a big back that runs hard and can catch too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duane1969 View Post
    If the Rams decide to let SJack go it wouldn't bother me any at all for him to come finish his career in Pittsburgh. Of course the Steelers would never spend the money to bring in a big name free agent so it is just a pipe dream, but it sure would be nice to have a big back that runs hard and can catch too.

    forget Pittsburgh, NE falls are very nice. but similar to Pit fans NE fans know a high priced RB approaching 30 is a no no in the hoodies book. i can dream though.

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    sjax would totally kill it for either of those teams. he is one of those guys i want to win despite me being a diehard rams fan. no one really deserves it more than he does in the nfl.(bias of course) since like i said he is injured every year and the past few years he hasn't been used properly and still puts up big numbers. he is an elite pass receiver out of the backfield, but he has been all but taken out of the passing game. i think he would excel the most in a west coast offence type of style such as the giants. let the rumours begin! maybe he gets traded???

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