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    Couple packs of 2012 Americana Heroes and Legends

    Really intrigued by this set. Ended up with a couple of hits...

    Jack Lousma Astronaut used swatch /449
    Roscoe Draper Tuskegee Airmen used swatch /499

    Base set looks really nice as well.

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    how much for the pair?
    or check my bucket for a trade

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    I broke a few packs myself. I'm primarily hockey but I have fun breaking this stuff. Not too bad for 2 packs with 2 hits.
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    how about 9 bucks dlvd

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    Hmm...maybe I'll hold on to them for now. Thanks though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadshot View Post
    Hmm...maybe I'll hold on to them for now. Thanks though
    what no counter offer?

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    Sorry - I just figured they weren't worth what I was looking to get for them anymore. Still on the fence about whether to keep them or not.

    Opened a blaster today and got another Airmen artifact, this one from Theobald Wilson.

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    well if you wanna trade them check out my bucket

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    Some of my recent hits include a

    Mal Whitfield worn relic (airmen) /449 and
    Mal Whitfield worn relic proof /99

    Seems like I'm accumulating these Airmen lol...

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