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    Non Sports break $$$$$ again Half Box of Star Wars Galactic Files

    Wednesday Morning LCS trip ... no sports stuff this week so Non Sports for me

    Half Box of Star Wars Galaxy Files got me thee

    Foil Parallel
    GM - 11 I Know
    GM -14 Chewbacca Imprisoned

    Blue Parallel
    ARVEL CRYNYD 304/350
    R2-D2 311/350
    AT/ST 103/350

    Relic Patch


    Matthew Wood as General Grievous

    Surprisingly i got a Gold Parallel 1/1

    Owen Lars - Homestean

    Now my Question ... Box says 1 Sketch and Autograph or Patch Meaning you get 2 but guaranteed a sketch but i got 2 without sketch , does it mean thers a sketch card left ? can there be 3 hits in a box?
    i trade by book , sell by SV and when reasoning fails Common sense should step in
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    I pulled a gold 1/1 parallel in a box with a auto and patch and there was no sketch in there either.
    They advertise as one sketch per box, but it seems more like one 1/1 per box.

    That's some crazy luck you have to pull all 3 hits only opening half the box

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