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    Mail day! More Rookies & Stars!

    Got a nice triple mail day today for my Rookies & Stars sets:

    2011 Rookies & Stars:
    Clyde Gates Dress For Success #06/25
    Cecil Shorts III Rookie Signatures #204/299

    2012 Rookies & Stars:
    Isaiah Pead Rookie Crusade Materials Green #89/99

    Almost done on my 2011 Rookie Signature (Auto Patch) collection! Have 2 redemptions submitted, other than those only missing D.J. Williams. Light at the end of my tunnel!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Three very nice looking cards. The patch on the Gates is sweet, and I really like the looks of that Shorts, too.

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    Nice cards particularly the Gates patch auto. Good stuff

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    Thanks, guys! I always love mail days with a little ink on them!

    I was very happy with the Gates and the Shorts. I've been looking for the Shorts card for a very long time, was stoked to finally nab one. Now if I could just get Panini to honor the Kendricks and Smith redemptions, and then find a D.J. Williams, my 2011 auto patch set will be done!

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    nice additions!


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    Sweet patch on the Gates!
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    Jermaine Gresham: 29 RCs, 26 #D, 30 GU/Patch, 25 AU, 29 Au/Jsy
    Steelers: 74 #D, 37 GU/Patch, 22 AU, 6 AU/GU
    Josh Johnson: 16 RCs, 9 #D, 17 Autos

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    I have to say I was a big fan of last years R&S compared to this years. Not sure why, just liked the look of the hits, this year seems to be not as busy. Great looking cards though!

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    I really like the look of the R&S but have had zero luck with them. Will only search out singles that I want. Great grabs for you my man.

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    Nice Mail day, sharp patch on the Gates!

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