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Thread: 6 Boxes of Prime - - WOW!!!!

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    6 Boxes of Prime - - WOW!!!!

    I went by me my LCS -(The Old Ball Park) to open up some boxes of Prime. My LCS just got in a case (12 boxes). My LCS put them on the counter and I picked out each box as I went. I opened up a total of 6 boxes. I dont know how I did it but I had to have picked out the best 6 boxes in the case. I have opened up quite a bit of stuff this year and this was by far the best I had done. Loaded with Luck and RG3. All will be on ebay tonight, but I will be happy to sell any of it if you are interested (just not too sure on the prices).

    These are the Primed Rookies. There is 1 in each box.
    -Ryan Lindley -Greg Childs
    -T.J. Graham -Mohamed Sanu
    -Luke Kuechly (sold) - Trent Richardson

    -2 base Luck rookies
    -1 Robert Griffin III SOLD

    -Brandon Weedon #1/350 --Michael Egnew /350
    -Michael Floyd #/350 -Chris Givens /250
    -Lamar Miller -/250 -Chandler Harnish /250

    -Juron Criner /99
    -Nick Toon #1/1 :) SOLD
    -The Toon was in the first pack I opened.

    -Single relics all #/266
    -Mohamed Sanu
    -Ryan Tannehill sold
    -Coby Fleener

    -These are dual relics all out of /235
    -Lamar Miller -Michael Egnew
    -Doug Martin -T.J. Graham

    Luck / Griffin / Osweiler / Tannehill #/610 sold

    -Luck / Griffin #/405

    Lamichael James #19/25 (this is really A.J. Jenkins-Topps error)

    #2/194 sold


    -Doug Martin #/780
    -Alshon Jeffery #/250 sold
    -Juron Criner /700
    -T.Y. Hilton /700
    -Brian Quick /250

    Brandon Weeden #13/50
    -Doug Martin #62/75
    -Alshon Jeffery #99/99 sold
    -Ryan Lindley #/286 sold
    -Robert Turbin #/286

    Then my last pack in Box 5, figured I would get the same crap I got out of Inception, Finest and Platinum.........WRONG

    #2/300 SOLD

    This was the first Luck auto I had pulled all year. Could not believe it. I pulled a lot of Luck and RG3 and figured what the heck, why not open up one more. There were 7 boxes left and I picked a good one.




    Unreal, out of 6 boxes to pull this much Luck and RG3. I feel sorry for whoever gets the remaining 6 boxes.
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    I could use the Alshon
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    Collecting Bears, also pick up Vikings for fellow traders.

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    Man, amazing break!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ctkenjr View Post
    I could use the Alshon
    PM sent, forgot to ask in the PM, are you still willing to move the Broyles R & S Patch.

    Quote Originally Posted by pghin08 View Post
    Man, amazing break!
    Thank you. It sure beat my previous breaks this year.

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    holy crap you had a great day

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    incredible boxes! Congrats!


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    Quote Originally Posted by PlatinumPlus502 View Post
    Need the alshon quad relic auto. Price?
    It is already sold

    Quote Originally Posted by cowboysrgr8 View Post
    holy crap you had a great day
    Yea I definitely did, my LCS owner was in disbelief, but not as much as I was.

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    killer pulls. only gripe is why they don't put some decent patches or multi-colors on the choice cards. congrats

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    wow, makes me wanna buy a case now lol
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