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    Need help with pricing of rookie Lebron James card!!

    Does anyone have a general idea of how much the 2003/04 SP Signature Edition Scripted in Time Lebron James rookie card is worth? It's an auto card, numbered 9/10. I checked on Beckett but they don't have a value listed since it's such a short-print card. I'm looking to purchase the card but don't want to pay way more than the market value, but have no idea what the market value even is, lol, please help!!

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    Beckett doesn't have a book value on most cards #D to less than 25. What you would need to do is find somebody who has an account to those websites that let you search through old eBay auctions over the years to see what the last one sold for. Though I would assume his stuff is higher now that he won a title.
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