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    Smile What kinds of Memorabilia are you buying?

    Hey all,

    Wanting to boost sales at J and A Sports, and was wondering what kind of memorabilia you are buying or would be interested in?


    Nick "The Jet"

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    Nothing anymore. I was collecting gamed used hockey jerseys. Have a few I'd like to sell, but other than that I haven't gotten anything in a few years. Seems people want to lowball you when you sell, but when it comes to buying there stuff they won't budge on price when it's high.
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    Sports Memorabilia is a tough sell. I have a lot of it on my site, and ever once in a great while something will sell. As far as what to sell? Thats a tough call too! I have found that what sells better for me is my local area teams. Baseballs, Jerseys, Bats, etc, not one is a better seller than the other. Each customer has their own preference.

    Cant really give you any solid advice on what particular item to purchase, you will have to make that call. What I do is if I see something that peaks my interest I will buy it, if it it doesn't sell, well it will just be another addition to my PC. That way at least it wont go to waste.


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    I haven't bought any memorbillia in a while, I mainly focus on cards. If I were to start back buying memorbillia I would be interested in inexpensive autographed baseballs and hockey pucks.
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    I have not bought any memorabilia but if I was going to buy some I would look for any generic vintage equipment.
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    Thanks for the advice :)

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    I don't buy memorabilia often, but when I do I buy signed pictures that are already authenticated. The last picture I bought about two months ago was a Joe Frazier signed picture. I have a HUGE collection of signed pictures of all sports. The last signed jersey I bought was a Kevin Durant jersey about three months ago. I mainly stick to cards though. Memorabilia is a tough sell as mentioned earlier.

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    Thanks everyone

    Really want to get JAS off the ground

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