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    FS King of the Hill.... ALL 6! COMPLETE SEASONS!

    Selling off the entire King of the Hill 6 season set! It is used, but had original packaging and and no missing discs or anything, normal shelf wear for boxes. I'm asking for 55 DLVD... On ebay they are going for 60ish.. The reason I'm asking for 55 is, I just moved to a new town and I'm in the process of getting acclimated and adjusted to changes. I am asking for a bit of a shipping Grace period, I will ship this within a week, probably can make it this Saturday even. But during the week its a bit tougher. Which is why I'm not asking for 60, still shipping out ASAP but just for your understanding it might not be out next day or two, I'm taking off 5 bucks. So plmk it would be a huge help! Take care

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    Best offer? I should be able to mail tomorrow, If it gets posted tonight :)

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