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    How Does Everyone Store Their Cards?

    Just wondering how everyone stores their collection or how they organize it. Looking for some ideas on how to store and organize my collection. Pictures would be cool.

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    Binders are good for a set or for cards from a yr (eg I have a binder for cards from 11/12 plus the guys who retired the season before at the end of it, obviously 9 page top loaders in there).

    You also need to find some long and thin boxes which aren't too tall that you can store cards in. I know you can get these from the post office because people often send cards in them but those are ugly. Might find a better looking one at some home decor or crafts type store.

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    my yearly Topps base team sets are in binders. chrome rookies, numbered, and g/u cards get sleeve, toploader and into 2 row storage box. my autos get sleeve, toploader, team bag and into vault storage box

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    My sets are in 3inch binders w/ ultra pro 9 pocket pages, my autos and pricier cards are in magnet cases, all the other cards of individual players I collect are in penny sleeves/top loaders, and they are all stored in 1600 count storage boxes organized by sport, player, and year. And all my duplicate cards are stored in 650 count storage boxes.

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    I've got all my stuff in boxes. Have 4 monster boxes full of base/inserts. Then other smaller boxes I have team sets which are in team bags. Also have my Bruins PC in smaller boxes as well. Not much in binders except the cards I have gotten signed in person or in the mail.
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    my cardinals cards in order by year and brand all in binders

    2011/12 cards in a binder

    all RC's and bowman in a binder

    then inserts ect in monster boxes ,and shoe boxes.

    i also have 30+ complete sets in original set boxes
    have 5341 different cardinals cards
    Have 31 different Philly Eagles cards
    Have 30 different Detroit Pistons cards

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    I am a strong believer in the penny sleeve and top loader, stored in 5000ct boxes. The more expensive cards I have in screwdown or magnetic thicker holders with all of my sets in boxes (several smaller sets in the larger 800 ct boxes to conserve space and boxes).


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    Depending on the product, Most opened boxes of chrome etc, I place all cards in sleeves, and in boxes. Star cards in sleeves> top loads > etc. Then in case, purchased from Lowes or home depot cost of around 20 a piece sectioned off to hold around 500 cards. Will post pic a bit later.

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    My sets are either in 3-ring binders or in the original boxes that they came in from the manufacturer when I bought them. All my single cards are in boxes. Even though they don't make up a complete set of a brand, I try to have all off one brand together and in years. My rookies, autos, and pricier cards are in protective sleeves.

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    Base and numbered inserts of MJD are in binders, organized by base then numbered cards at the end. Game used, autos, and patches are in a two row storage box.

    Same goes for my other player PCs. Have them in two different binders with a few players in each. All game used, autos, and patches are in a storage box separated by player.

    Any cards from blasters or other random game used, auto, or patch cards in two row storage boxes. Trying to de-clutter my collection into fewer boxes if I can.

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