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    My newst Bill Dudley deserves it's own thread!!

    2011 Triple Threads One of One Booklet Auto/Relic of Bill Dudley and fellow Hall of Famer George Mcafee

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    Very cool. Do you know what the memoribilia in the cards is? It looks like wood??
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    That's kind of a sensitive subject. To date there has been NO relic produced of Dudley other than the custom relic I made from the bleachers of the Griffith Stadium (Redskins). So I knew when I saw this card listed in the becket that the relic was likely linked to Mcaffee. So I wrote the seller and said it looked like wood. He responded that it appeared to be leather from leather helmets. Well I get it and sure enough it's wood. And to make it worse, Topps doesn't even specify what the heck it is! It's ok because like I said the relic wasn't going to be related to Dudley anyway, but you would think Topps would at least say what it is and where it is from.
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    I had spotted this on ebay and figured you would be after it! Topps has been a bit iffy with anything wood anymore, but still a heck of a nice card! Congrats on the win!
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    Great card too bad you dont know the actual item.
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    Very nice pick-up! I'm assuming it wouldn't have been cheap.
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    Absolutely love the booklet! It's probably wood from a seat or bench from a stadium...
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    pretty interesting card! nice pickup!


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    Yea that's a good assumption. But the thing about Dudley - as opposed to Favre for example - is he just has so few cards made that even though this one was so expensive, as a whole it's not THAT expensive. I can't imagine even keeping up with all the Favres much less paying for them. lol
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    And thanks for the comments guys. It's been a week or more so I'm going to add this pic to my running thread and ask that this thread be closed.

    So any mod who runs across this - please lock it up.
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