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Thread: Relic cards for sale/trade

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    Exclamation Relic cards for sale/trade

    I originally posted this thread after ordering a lot of four cards (!). I have them on hand now, so if anyone would like a Santino Marella Black-Bordered 2012 Mat Relic, a Zack Ryder White-Bordered 2012 Mat Relic or a 2011 Classic Christian Relic (one colour, bluish grey colour) then please post here or PM. I would prefer selling, but will accept certain cards/wrestlers, depending on what it is!

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    What price would you need for the Zack Ryder relic and Santino Marella black border relic?
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    The Zack Relic, not very much, probably about 4/5 dollars. Someone else showed an interest on the Santino relic first, so if they're not interested (I quoted them a price) I'll quote the same to you.

    Hey GreenGoblin the person mistakenly thought I had a Shirt Relic, so you're free to buy it if you want it, I will send a PM now.
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