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    Boston Globe hockey writer, Kevin Paul Dupont, hates bloggers

    Paul Dupont has been covering hockey for 35 years and currently writes for the Boston Globe. His first official season on the NHL beat coincided with Don Cherry’s last year as a coach for the Bruins, so you know he’s been around a while. Over the last couple decades, Dupont has had a front row seat for the rise of the internet to prominence in news media. Now, people are more likely to get their news from websites, blogs, and apps, words that didn’t exist when Dupont started in the industry, and newspapers are dying across the continent.

    Understandably, Dupont doesn’t seem too happy with this development and, over the last week, has taken potshots at bloggers via his Twitter account. His most recent attack is the most baffling, essentially claiming that bloggers are simply bad, immoral people.
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    Well, I can only comment on media, and newspapers.

    Once upon a time, the person writing the Sports Op-ed piece was an actual athlete of the Sport themselves. Today you have people joining the media armed only with a Journalism degree, and never having actually stepped onto the ice, onto the baseball diamond, the football field, etc, yet we are suppose to drop everything and take their credibility as gospel?


    Many bloggers are in tune to the Sports they blog about. Sure many are full of hot air, but they have as much license to talk about a Sport they at least play and have understood from childhood.

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