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    eBay Sellers' Club Forum Now Live!

    The eBay Sellers' Club is a way for SCF members that sell on eBay to gain extra promotion for their auctions by providing a discount on shipping to SCF members. Club members get their auctions posted in the eBay Sellers' Club Forum automatically and their listings will also get promoted on the side column of the SCF forums and on the SCF front page.

    The The eBay Sellers' Club is located in the Community area.

    eBay Seller Club members must provide a $1, $2, or FREE shipping discount to any SCF members. Details on becoming a Club members and getting added to the feed here.

    All eBay Seller Club member auctions will get posted with a discount prefix. For example, these auctions offer FREE shipping:

    The auctions will post details of each auction to include a picture of the card.

    Also, eBay Seller Club member auctions will show up randomly on the right side of the forums and in the future on the main SCF front page. For example:

    SCF members should browse the eBay Sellers Club forum to gain extra discounts on shipping. You can also browse by member here.
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    Question- how do we secure these discounts? Just PM the member or...?

    I saw this but was confused:

    How do I provide the discount?
    That is between you and the seller. Failure to provide a discount can result in your being removed from the eBay Club.

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    On my auctions I have where if you pm me the username of your SCF account, I'll waive it.

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    Question- how do we secure these discounts? Just PM the member or...?
    There are several ways a seller can provide a discount. eBay provides tools, PayPal, etc. The best way to is to use the "Contact Seller" feature on eBay and let them know you are a SCF member. You may get a discount at check out or PayPal sent back.

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    cool. sign me up..1.00 off.
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    sign me up. free shipping for all SCF members plus ill throw in a free g/u card with every scf sale.

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    Okay this is a cool idea. I'll look into more later but willing to join. Definitely interested in buying from sellers that do this.
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    Sign me up, ebay id is sjw241
    Half off posted shipping rates on all singles.
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