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    Start Big Ben or Andy Dalton this week?

    Kind of stuck on which way I should go onmy fantasy team this week at QB. My options are Big Ben at home against Philly or Andy Dalton at home against Miami. Usually Big Ben would be the better pick, but the Eagles pass Def is a lot better than Mia. I usally go with whoever is playing at home, but they both are this week. I'm leaning towards Dalton, but lmk what you all think. As always, thanks for the feedback. Please poll your answers thanks.

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    That is a tough one. It isn't a homer pick, I would go with BigBen.

    My logic:

    Dalton is a solid QB and I like him a lot, but the Dolphins pass D is pretty darn good. Yes, they are ranked 30th in pass yards and that makes them look vulnerbale, but they have only allowed 1 more TD pass than Philly and are tied for 9th in INTs and have just one less INT than Philly. And one reason that they have so many pass yards against them is their stellar run defense which is currently #1 in the NFL.

    BigBen and the passing game will be the entire Steelers offense. Mendenhall is returning from a torn ACL and will only get limited carries and the back-up RBs have all been disappointing so far. If anything, Mendenhall's best value will be to convince the Eagles D to play the run so that it is easier to pass against them. If the Steelers are going to move the ball and score points it will almost definitely be via the passing game.

    It is also important to note that part of the reason the Eagles have a well-ranked defense is they have faced some pretty mediocre offenses. They faced the Browns in week 1, the Ratbirds in week 2 and the Cards in week 3, none of which has a stellar offense or passing game. But against the Giants they gave up 300+ yards and 2 TDs to Eli Manning. When faced with a solid veteran QB that makes plays, they are vulnerable.

    My prediction:
    Dalton 285 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT
    BigBen 340 yards 3 TD, 2 INT

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    You were sounding logical until you referred to the Ravens as a mediocre offense. I can see now that you can't take off the Steelers hat. It is much easier said than done. I can justify Josh Freeman's horrible passes too so I'm in the same boat inthat respect. LOL Good feedback, but still a homer pick.:loco:

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