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    Shrew, you're either giving me credit for veggie's posts or you've finally lost it. I'd like to know exactly which teachings of Islam I, personally, have ever even mentioned.

    My guess is you'll never come up with anything because none exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shrewsbury View Post
    veggie, you have posted nothing about Islam in this thread, and continue to do so.

    do any of you know the books of Islam, or will you just say the Quran?

    and just for fun, here is one thing from Islam you may enjoy

    lets here you guys flip this one around, and I can flip it back and throw some more at you

    you guys crack me up with the whole prove it coming out of one side of your mouth and out of the other you claim to know, well maybe you guys is a broad statement.

    some of you are barking up the wrong tree. your hatred of Christianity and tolerance of Islam, only show you are uneducated in Islam and/or the teachings of Jesus. Calling Jesus a war monger and thinking there is equality of woman in Islam only shows it. calling for gay rights and Islam tolerance in the same breath shows it even further.

    call it what you like, but I am truly for equality, not division and anything in the way of real equality I will call it out, just like Islam, right winged racist and intolerant Christians, Black Panthers, KKK, or any group that oppresses anyone.(except prisoners)

    and wickabee, if the shoe doesn't fit, don't try it on, it ain't going to fit no matter how hard you try.
    Congrats you found 1 quote attributed to Muhammad that could be interpreted as anti-woman. Would you like me to quote the bible verses that justify war, rape, sexism, homophobia and a wealth of other sins? Or will you simple disregard them because they are either from the OT or you simply don't like them. If you want to pick and chose verses fromt he Koran because you don't like the Koran that is fine but dont get mad when someone does the Bible the same way.
    Drug and smoke free trading.

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