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Thread: Lawrence Taylor Signed Jersey

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    lol no driveway, nice try though, a real A for effort. You spent about as much time on that one as you do making deals on this site. ZERO

    Quote Originally Posted by piazza31 View Post
    How cute. I love this "Slow Children Playing" sign in front of your "House". I wonder when your planning on paving that crappy driveway and moving out from under all these powerlines?

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    What happened? Did I hit too close to home?

    Move out from under the power lines. They are affecting your brain cells.
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    Don't worry David.

    See ya later "Mr." Stotler. You look like a counterfeit Rick from Pawn Stars.

    Next time you give someone your address, you should give them your real address if you want to play internet tough guy. You know which one- the American Ave address.
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    Section 11.06 Members are not allowed to start threads for the purpose of selling “knock off” counterfeit type jerseys. You may become an affiliate and promote your website in the sites and auctions forum with a one time link but only AFTER you provide us proof that the jerseys are AUTHENTIC. More information found HERE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by piazza31 View Post
    I wasn't going to reply, but your snotty attitude caused me to.

    That jersey is for sale for $50, but it's a fake jersey and the signature has no authentication. You can't expect someone to value any item's legitimacy when the base for it starts with such a poor counterfeit.

    Here is the list of what is wrong with your jersey- with no mention of the signature itself.
    1) The Sleeve Stripes are inaccurate- yours are just red. NYG ones are Red-White-Red
    2) No NYG jersey has every had the NY on the chest
    3) Your jersey is sewn. Other then Reebok EQT jerseys (Replicas made today), they all are screen printed or heat pressed. Reebok EQT's have the NFL shield, which yours doesnt.
    4) The Surname Taylor on the back should be one color - White. Not outlined in red.
    5) The collar is inaccurate- once again it should be RWR.
    6) Players of the century tagging is a sure sign it's fake

    In other words, your jersey is worthless. It would have been better if he signed a 3x5 Index Card.

    Heck- it would have been worth more if he signed a Napkin with BBQ Stains on it.

    I'm reposting this, as this is the true issue at hand. A counterfeit jersey is a counterfeit jersey- no matter if you attempt to deflect the facts with personal attacks.

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    Well can you at least add where it wa ssigned or how it was obtained.I did not realize asking a question warranted an ignorant response.My apologies I am new around here.

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