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Thread: Slitz summer project

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    Slitz summer project

    so i recently started a new job in higher education so I got to enjoy one of the perks that I havent enjoyed in a looooong time: the summer off! I decided to clear out some of the photos I had lying around. I wrote at least one letter each day I was off. The last 2 weeks or so I have started getting my requests back. so far I have received (all 8x10s):

    robert parrish
    walter bahr (included 3 of his own)
    geoff cameron
    tab ramos
    frank borghi
    josh gros
    andre faust
    michel belheumer
    steve kasper
    terry ball
    bob kurland
    john kundla (included 3 of his own)
    richard petty
    charley trippi
    curt simmons
    bobby shantz
    jim bunning

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    do you mind sharing where you sent the Geoff Cameron photo? Nice returns!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clryan5 View Post
    do you mind sharing where you sent the Geoff Cameron photo? Nice returns!!
    sent it c/o houston dynamo. got it back the day before he signed with stoke

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    good mail day, 4 HOFers and a phillie

    Keith Allen
    frank Ramsey
    Harry Carson
    Ozzie Newsome
    Larry Bowa

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    another good mail day, 3 HOFers on 8x10s

    Hubie Brown
    Dick LeBeau
    Bailey Howell (asked for donation to charity)

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    former nhler vladimir malakhov back today

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    hot streak continues with former nhler rosie paiment on a b/w 8x10 of him in a fight. he asked for a copy

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    nah, i'm too cheap, considering the number i ended up sending. I either put a piece of thin cardboard or one of those tan file folders. sometimes the pics some back a little bend, but most are fine. doing it this way ends up being on $1.10 for postage

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