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Thread: fortefan sucess thread

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    fortefan sucess thread

    I have been watching for awhile now and decided to send out some emails and cards. I got my first back.

    Harry Statham
    2 signed business cards and a signed letter

    This is my first success so was excited.

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    Hello, welcome and congrats!
    Buying Quincy Carter GUs and Autos

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    today got back 2

    UConn women's basketball coach Geno

    also sent letter to the Golden State Warriors saying I was glad they drafted Harrison Barnes wasnt expecting anything and they sent me an 8x10 auto of Andris Biedrins

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    Very nice on the Bierdrins
    Trying to becomr an UFC supercollector. Any help would be appreciatedPhotobucket kahnefan-9.

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