I had an urge to bust some wax this evening and I wish I hadn't


Dual Combo - Michael Floyd & Kendall Wright 108/405
Quad Combo - Richardson, Ingram, Spiller, and Moreno 365/610
Robert Turbin Auto 267/286
Michael Egnew Level V Auto Relic 709/780
Michael Egnew Auto Gold Rookie 35/99 (out of one of the two extra packs)
Brandon Weeden Rookie 21/50
Chandler Harnish Gold Rookie 269/350
LaMichael James Prime Rookie
RG III Base Rookie
Trent Richardson Base Rookie

All but the RGIII are for trade, sale. I like everything Pittsburgh pro sports in return

Football is so hit or miss......next product I'll try is Topps Strata which I hope lives up to the hype. Anyone else going to bust a lot of this?