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    Time to Stock up! Buying Nice autos please post what u have FS

    Been a little while and looking to restock and buy some nice, rare autos and patches etc. Not looking for common stuff like contenders autos but anything rare like autos /5, /10 etc or autos with nice, unique multi-color patches etc. Please post what you have w/ Pics and a prices. There is no $ limit as long as its rare and at a good price. Thanks
    Bucket link:
    Im Always Buying and Trading for
    Rare Patch/autos (/5, /10 etc)

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    Kendall Hunter Limited multi break 3 color patch auto /25 -$23 PP dlvd with DC
    I Like: Russell Wilson, 49ers, Alfred Morris.

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    My Lee Evans rookie leaf certified master set COMPLETE
    My Jordy Nelson Rookie Certified set, Need Mirror Emerald
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    Packers PC Hidden Content
    Packers and nice autos. I DO NOT SEND PAYPAL GIFTS

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    1/1 $42 DLVD

    Mid-High End Flickr account. Other albums may be available for a deal. PC is only available if I offer.
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    Have this AP

    Enjoy my's always changing...

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    pm sent
    I am always interested in buying Mid-High End Resale Lots. Autos, Patches, Auto-Patches, etc

    My Bucket: (mostly updated) Hidden Content

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    -BECKETT SUPER COLLECTOR JULY 2006 ISSUE#196+NOV 2008 ISSUE #220 i collect Ed Reed,Ravens,Baltimore Colts+ nice stuff
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    Have this rare red ink rc auto, less than 25 exist! I can do $35 dlvd pp gift, lmk

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