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    WTTF: Contenders/SPa QB Autos ~Highend for trade w/Scans~

    Hey, looking to pick up contenders RC AUs or SPa RAPs of star QBs, primarily

    Rivers (SPa)

    Will look at other stuff like SPx, Chrome, Elite, etc. Mid end stuff. No Press pass, Sage, Leaf Draft type stuff.

    Also still looking for any Trent Richardson Autos.

    Have these available for trade, with SVs above Pics in bold. Let me know if you have anything I might like and what you like and we'll see if we can work something out. Also willing to sell. Thanks!

    $1000 (Need more if I'm trading down)


    $200 (have two Con Cams, only looking to trade one)


    $155 (have two, only looking to trade one)



    $45 (have 5)




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    cmb for one of the Rivers Contenders and pm me if you see anything you like

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    Clear out some personal messages so u can accept my pm's. please pm me about my Greg Little autos. thanks Jeff

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    Cmb for manning. I have cutler spa to start.

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    jrs- sorry, cleared up my PM's but i changed my mind on little. put all mine on feebay, tired of watching him fail. had one target sunday and he dropped it, done with him lol

    tracy - like the SPa Flacco BGS 9

    wudev - Really like the Schaub SPa, like topps RP luck, ben cont 9.5 and cutler.
    Schaub and Cut the most

    jml - u have no b to cm :)

    Ill be on for about 25 more minutes tonight. if yall dont post in here by then send a PM.
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