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    Moving ALL of my low/mid end auto/gu. HUNDREDS of HOFers. Name your player/team!!!

    Just name your player/team and I'll let you know what i have of them in the low/mid end range. Bottom price for gu/auto will be $1 each, so if you're looking for lower than that, don't bother. HOF gu will be in the $3-$5 range each. PLEASE RESPOND. thanks!


    Frank Robinson Tribute jsy x2
    Fred Lynn SP Cuts Jsy When it was a game
    Fred Lynn SP Cuts Masterpiece Materials jsy
    Don Baylor SP Cuts jsy
    Casey Kotchman SPx Dual Patch #/50
    FRod/Glaus/Kotchman Triple gu
    Trevor Bell '05 TC Ref. Rc Auto

    4 Sheffield gu
    Delwyn Young Bowman Blue Rc Auto
    Delwyn Young Bowman Orange Rc Auto
    Kevin Brown jsy
    Hideo Nomo Studio jsy
    Don Sutton Prime Cuts dual jsy


    Arod jsy
    Teixeira 3-clr patch
    Engel Beltre BC rc auto
    You might check my Bowman Case Breaks. I know I have a bunch of Darvish rcs and parallels from there
    Also have a Josh Hamilton autographed AS Jersey that's at JSA being authenticated right now


    Verlander/V. Martinez Ballpark Dual jsy #/400
    Verlander/Webb/King Felix Baseball Heroes triple jsy #4/25
    Verlander/Felix Sweet Spot dual jsy
    Daniel Moskos Elite Blue Aspirations Auto #/100
    Have a nice lot of Austin Jackson Blue Refs and chrome rcs
    Have a ton of Miggy autos that are all on eBay right now

    '02 Fleer Ultra On the Road
    '03 Flair Diamond Cuts
    '03 Finite Elements

    '07 Artifacts #/199
    '08 SP Legendary Cuts
    '05 Bowman Heritage
    '07 UD Game Materials
    '02 Topps Gold Label Class 1 Gold
    '02 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Titanium
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    He's not a HOFer, but do you have any Eric Davis (baseball), any team?

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    Sorry, couldn't find any of him.

    Quote Originally Posted by beachbum View Post
    He's not a HOFer, but do you have any Eric Davis (baseball), any team?

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    george brett
    barry larkin
    craig biggio

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    2002 Diamond Cut Jsy x2 #238 & #355 /500 - both with pinstrips
    2002 t206 framed jsy w/ pinstripe

    $3 each

    Quote Originally Posted by rtsjr View Post
    george brett
    barry larkin
    craig biggio

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    mlb hof autos?
    Always trading for HOF Autos and Gued I need for my PC. I trade bv:bv, more or less. Heavily your way my regular issues,inserts, parallels for your hof autos that I need.
    Sorry, but only trading in the US
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    Any jersey cards of guys before 1960 and ones you don't see that much. example:Jim Gilliam

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    Jeter or Mariano Rivera please?
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    None of those two, but I do have a Jeter All-Star autographed OMLB with PSA authenticity if you'd have any interest.

    Quote Originally Posted by mess0312 View Post
    Jeter or Mariano Rivera please?

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    I have a psa certified Ted Williams OMLB as well as a lot of 12 deceased HOFer autos on index cards with PSA LOA.

    Quote Originally Posted by six43dpnc View Post
    mlb hof autos?

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