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    Not really looking to, but i'll always listen to offers
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    could u move one of your taveras

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    Arod jsy
    Teixeira 3-clr patch
    Engel Beltre BC rc auto
    You might check my Bowman Case Breaks. I know I have a bunch of Darvish rcs and parallels from there
    Also have a Josh Hamilton autographed AS Jersey that's at JSA being authenticated right now

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    Any Rangers?

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    Sorry, nothing of them. I do have a ton of 49ers if you're interested.

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    matt cain or joe ross?

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    No Chipper, sorry. Just a bunch of Maddux and Smoltz.

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    Chipper Jones

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    Unfortunately I wouldn't know which jerseys aren't seen that much. Don't have any Jim Gilliam, but if you have a more expanded list I'm happy to check.

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    Any jersey cards of guys before 1960 and ones you don't see that much. example:Jim Gilliam

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    Quote Originally Posted by kencope View Post
    No Chipper, sorry. Just a bunch of Maddux and Smoltz.
    I'd be interested in them, mainly early and later years.

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