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    Looking for some help on a Gretzky auto

    A buddy of mine found out I collect hockey cards and set up at a show. He asked me to look through 2 totes of stuff he had when he was growing up in the 80's. You can probably tell where this is going. After about 5,000 or so baseball commons, we stumbled unto a Gretzky autograph gift set that was put together by UD. Any idea what this is? EBay has a few completed sales of $58.00, and then two others at $81.25. I was a little surprised by those values since it's a Gretzky autograph. Is it not a real autograph. The COA that comes with the set says it's signed by Gretzky. He was thinking it was worth $500 or more. I had to break that news to him already that it was most certainly not worth $500 but more likely $150 or so. But it looks like I'm even more wrong than that. Any help?

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    Hey there, where have YOU been? I don't know anything about that thing, 1st time I've ever seen it, but it looks way cool. There's one on eBay now for $125 BIN, just the card by the looks of it, no box or anything. I'm pretty shocked at the $50-80 price too. Maybe because it was directly from Upper Deck and not a pack-bust type of thing? Maybe because it's "limited" to 500?

    If you want to make your buddy feel better, tell him this.......... a loooooooooooong long time ago, I bought a UDA over-sized Gretzky auto'd card from The Shopping Channel for $249. It was stolen from my storage locker about 10 years ago, so there's that. But a couple years ago at a local card show I saw another one, or maybe the same one who really knows eh, and I bought it. For 60 bucks...........

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    Without seeing the entire picture, it looks as though the card came from the US Home Shopping Channel. Back 10-years or so ago, the US shopping channel and even the Cdn Shopping Channel were actually quite successful in moving allot of product. Unfortunately, when I say moving, I also mean "fleecing" (ie) their prices were not cheap and their intended markets, weren't to seasoned collectors. Gretzky likely did 500-autos in gold for the US and probably another 500-autos in silver for Canada. Of course, Greenberg or whoever the guest sellers were, always stressed how "limited" they were.

    UD was also hurting for cash back then, so they were pumping-out Jordan and Gretzky auto's, like they were going out of style.

    Considering all of the sticker auto's out there, I'd rather have a hard-signed auto (even with a higher print-run), then a sticker auto.

    In the end, this card did not come from a pack but neither does anything from UD Authenticated and they still say that they're worth a pretty penny.

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    Home shopping is where that came from.
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    Yup I remember seeing these years ago on the home shopping network. They were way over priced.
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    Thank you guys for all your help. He said it was a home shopping network purchase for $400. Yikes. Still cool. But not $400 cool.
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    Considering I sold a Gretzky Auto/Patch card /25 for $500 and that you can get Gretzky cards for under $100 now the ebay prices for these cards doesn't really surprise me.
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    I don't understand today's Gretzky $500.00 Auto logic.

    When I was going full-bore on eBay in 1999-2000. Gretzky autos were hot and were between $125.00 and $200.00, not a penny more, and they were all tough pulls,........... like 1:2,500 packs.

    So now that there are at least 3 million more of them floating around, and the odds of pulling one are like 1:200 packs or less, why would Gretzky autos be anywhere near even $300.00 unless they are numbered less than #/10.

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