A buddy of mine found out I collect hockey cards and set up at a show. He asked me to look through 2 totes of stuff he had when he was growing up in the 80's. You can probably tell where this is going. After about 5,000 or so baseball commons, we stumbled unto a Gretzky autograph gift set that was put together by UD. Any idea what this is? EBay has a few completed sales of $58.00, and then two others at $81.25. I was a little surprised by those values since it's a Gretzky autograph. Is it not a real autograph. The COA that comes with the set says it's signed by Gretzky. He was thinking it was worth $500 or more. I had to break that news to him already that it was most certainly not worth $500 but more likely $150 or so. But it looks like I'm even more wrong than that. Any help?