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Thread: Anybody Like Poker?

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    Anybody Like Poker?

    About 5 years ago I helped out on the poker road radio show with gavin smith joe sebok and ali nejad while working there I met a lot of poker players and several celebrities. Back during the poker boom I ran a poker forum called and a few members got hockey jerseys with their names on the back with the logo from the site. I had a extra jersey made with the tripaces on the back and 00 I decided to get it signed by all the poker stars here is a picture of the jersey it was a lot of work getting the signatures.

    All the big guys are on there Negreaunu, Hellmuth, Brunson, Ivey, Matusow, Dwan, Esfiandari, and the late Amarilo Slim Some celebrities on there are Shannon Elizabeth, Jennifer Tilly, Brad Garrett
    The Poker Stars Patch was given to me off the shirt of Negreaunu who is a really cool guy.

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    Hava 09-10 UD Champs Negreaunu auto.

    PM me if int.
    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings Anthony Mantha/ Flickr account: Hidden Content

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