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Thread: Deadshot's 2012-13 NBA IP

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    Deadshot's 2012-13 NBA IP

    This thread will be used to track my NBA successes this season. This is my first season as a season ticket holder (I got a ridiculous deal with the Bobcats), and I only do autographs pregame in the arena. I can't go to a lot of the games but I'll do what I can. Got a nice little start of my Hoops set today as well.

    Wizards @ Bobcats 10/7/12

    2 Randy Wittman cards
    1 Sam Cassell card
    1 Trevor Ariza card
    1 Jordan Crawford card
    1 Shelvin Mack card
    2 AJ Price cards
    2 Jan Vesely cards
    1 Brendan Haywood card

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    I had Beal basically 1v1 as he was walking by. I asked him if he would sign and he muttered something and kept walking. Haven't read much about him so don't know what to expect. Could have just been a misunderstanding.

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    Sweet cards. I'm trying to graph the Wiz when they come to Atlanta.
    Drug and smoke free trading.

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    Went to the Bobcats open practice tonight. I'm really happy the team opened up the doors for an event like this. With that being said, the autograph portion ended up being a disaster and people scattered everywhere. So before anyone asks, I don't know how well MKG signed - I wasn't able to track him down in all of the people. I felt like I was lucky to get the autos I did:

    Kemba Walker 2 cards (didn't even ask for the second, he signed it no problem)
    Coach Dunlap 1 card (didn't seem used to signing cards, he's going to get used to that Hoops card real quick)
    Gerald Henderson 1 card (he's always been a toughie for me, I actually got him after everything ended and he was walking away)
    Bismack 1 card

    I had to pick and choose strategically. Went for the tougher ones. Sessions seemed to be signing everything so I'll wait until I get his Hoops. Also got Higgins and Owens to sign a roster printout in the process.

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    I forgot you were in Charlotte now. Do you know sigman101?
    As always, I'll be tracking your thread. I don't think I can do much IP this yr myself. We just had a baby.
    - Andy

    Beckett Basketball Plus Super Collector - Spring '06
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    Yep, I actually first traded with sigman101 probably about 7-8yrs ago. We meet up at some of the Bobcats events now.

    Congrats on the baby! Don't see a lot of bball stuff but I always love looking at your sets and LA stuff. If you need any coaches for your older sets let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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    Anyway you're willing to trade one of the Kemba Walker autos? PM me if you are interested.

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