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Thread: Deadshot's 2012-13 NBA IP

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    Hey I got season tickets to the Bobcats as well! I was at the open house and got most everyone on the team. MKG signed whatever you wanted and was very nice. Walker also zoned whatever. Overall a great night. Hope to see you there sometime!

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    Awesome. I hope to go to most games depending on what my work situation is. Will you be graphing teams pregame?

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    Absolutely. My neighbor and I will be there at most games right when season ticket holders can enter. We are mainly gonna go for the other teams however.

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    Yeah I usually go for the other team. I hope to finish my Bobcats stuff through different events and just catching them randomly. I got the discounted season tix though so I won't be invited to most of the STH events.

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    I gotcha. Yea I plan on doing the same. I'm hoping for a good year both graphing and the team winning. Last year was quite disappointing so.

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    Sweet that you graph the bobcats! I just moved to Charlotte and plan on doing it a few times this year!

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    That's right - I remember you saying you would be moving here! Rough situation for the Bobcats but a decent situation for autograph collectors.

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    Did the Pacers in Charlotte tonight. For those who don't know, this is my favorite team, so that's always an extra treat. Got a few guys I haven't graphed before. Granger wasn't there. I was wearing a Hibbert jersey but I only saw him sign for the kid in front of me. Paul George wouldn't touch a pen. Same with Plumlee and Tyler was the usual "After the game." My new favorite is Ben Hansbrough, who I didn't try and get. Someone holds out a rackers card for him and he sternly says, "PERSONALIZE." Ben Hansbrough lol.

    Also didn't see Vogel and Shaw wouldn't sign.

    DJ Augustin 1 card
    Gerald Green 2 cards (pen did not stick well at all despite prepping)
    George Hill 1 card
    Orlando Johnson 1 card
    Ian Mahinmi 1 card
    Jeff Pendergraph 2 cards (wasn't in the best of moods because another collector was bugging him)
    Lance Stephenson 4 cards (very friendly, I had 4 out so he could take a couple but he didn't need them)
    David West 1 card
    Sam Young 1 card

    And then a friend gave me a Vogel and Green he got at the hotel because he knew I was a huge Pacers fan and am working on the Hoops set.

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    Very nice stuff! I was really bummed that George and Hubert didn't sign. Otherwise pretty solid stuff!

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    Hibbert used to be good for 1 per but perhaps that has changed now. Was kind of bummed out because I was looking forward to adding him to my Hoops set.

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