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Thread: Deadshot's 2012-13 NBA IP

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    Still can't believe Ben Hansbrough was personalizing. Hopefully Hibbert and George will get over their sharpie allergies when they come back!

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    Great night of graphing the Suns tonight. A really good signing team and they bring lots of former players as well. Ralph Sampson wouldn't sign though. Didn't have cards for Mark West and 1 or 2 others, JO and Frye didn't travel, and I missed Telfair and Shannon Brown. Also got Sleepy Floyd as part of a signing the Bobcats put on. Have multiples of some. Great additions to my Hoops set.

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    Happy to get back to graphing tonight. The Raptors were in town, got all of the following on cards except for Aaron Gray who I got on a little logo sheet I printed out.

    Johnny Davis
    Ed Davis (he was really cool too)
    Kleiza (tried to get him to sign the Hoops instead, he was kinda weird about it. thankful that he signed though so no complaints here)
    Lucas III

    Then jumped over to Bobcats side real quick and got

    Brian Winters
    Ben Gordon

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    Nice job, I'm doing the Raptors tomorrow myself, looks like they're a good signing team.
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    Hawks @ Charlotte

    Didn't get some of the rookies, Morrow lives here so he drove to the arena.

    Anthony Tolliver (logo sheet)
    Dominique Wilkins
    Nick Van Exel
    Bob Weiss
    Devin Harris
    Al Horford
    Kyle Korver
    Zaza Pachulia
    Josh Smith
    Jeff Teague
    Lou Williams

    Then slipped over to Bobcats side and got


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    Tried the Knicks tonight. Certainly one of the tougher teams I've attempted and got a few crappy autos but I made some good progress on my set.

    On my logo sheet I got:

    Pablo Prigioni
    James White
    Chris Copeland

    On cards:

    Mike Woodson (super cool)
    Jim Todd (was happy to sign, seemed unfamiliar with signing though lol)
    Herb Williams
    Darrell Walker
    JR Smith
    Tyrus Thomas (was signing in lobby)

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    Looks like that kid must have been there with a black sharpie! Great Successes, wish I was in town to graph them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SMVintage View Post
    Looks like that kid must have been there with a black sharpie! Great Successes, wish I was in town to graph them!
    Yep, little girl beside me and it was killing me. And then my blue was giving me a little trouble as you can see with the Chandler. Pen drama lol...

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    Nice atleast you got Amare you do hotel or just the game becuase for just the game you did do pretty good considering you got Amare

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