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Thread: Deadshot's 2012-13 NBA IP

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    Quote Originally Posted by supercamnewton1 View Post
    Nice atleast you got Amare you do hotel or just the game becuase for just the game you did do pretty good considering you got Amare
    Amare signed a long line at game.

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    Feels good to be back graphing after a busy month of work. The Heat were in town tonight and I was trying to prepare myself for the worst...I've attempted them before.

    For some reason, they were letting STH's in super early, so I walk in and go to the Heat side around 5:15. Before I know it, Lebron and Wade both come over, theres maybe 10 people there and they start signing. I rushed to get my Wade card because he was first and missed out on Lebron. But he would've signed if I could've gotten my card ready......ugh. However, very happy to get Wade, can't believe they were both signing. Never seen them pick up a pen before. I get a couple more Heat players and decide to go to the Bobcats side before chaos ensues (and MKG still eludes me). Here are the results from a surprisingly great night of graphing:

    1 Dwayne Wade card
    1 Mario Chalmers card
    1 Joel Anthony card
    1 Rashard Lewis card (got him on the Bobcats side)
    several Ramon Sessions
    1 Gerald Henderson card
    1 Sleepy Floyd card in lobby
    1 Kemba Walker program sheet (hate getting these signed but didn't have Kemba stuff)
    1 Biyumbo sheet (ditto)
    1 Brian Winters (75 Topps for set)
    1 Bob McAdoo (ditto)

    Pumped about Wade, can't believe I fumbled on Lebron, but you can't win them all.

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    Don't sweat it bout Lebron. I was a foot away from him asking him to sign while he was signing a kids shoe and he ignored me. Seemed like he was either signing shoes or for small kids:/ however I got Wade as well which was really great! Never gonna try the hotel for them again even though I managed to get Chalmers...complete chaos!

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    Well thats the thing...he would've gladly signed if I was ready. Him and Wade were in great moods and signed the small line before they ran in. Oh well.

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    But what I'm saying is I was in that small line and I was ready but he still didn't sign for me. He signed for the person two to the left of me and one to the right of me but not me or the guy with a photo to the left

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    Getting Wade is awesome! Someone told me the players are better signers around the holidays. Don't think too much about Lebron. I've graphed them before, and I don't even bring Lebron's cards!!!
    - Andy

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    Awesome D-Wade!
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    Yeah D-Wade is pretty cool. I got him during the pre-season before a hawks vs heat game.
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    Did the Cavs tonight in Charlotte. Zeller stopped before me, Leuer and Varejao didn't travel. Pressey didn't stop to sign and I didn't see Gibson. Got the following on a card

    Austin Carr (for my 72 Topps set)
    Kyrie Irving

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